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Tile and Slate Roofing Webpage
What is a tile or slate roof?
This is a roofing system involving use of baked clay or shaped slate materials.
Essentially interlocking to provide a covering for a slanted roof. The tiles are fixed
Or clipped to roof battens on a pitched roof.It is critical that the tiles or slates overlap.

What Can go wrong with a tile or slate roof?
Tiles and Slate can crack and this can lead to leaks. They can also slip out of place as well this can be a result
Of deterioration of the slate or tile or a gap forming in the mortar used to hold the tile in place. Typically you may
See white patches on the slate or discolouration of the tiles. All of these can result in leaks which can end up doing
To the roof timbers.

Maintenance of a tiled or slate roof
Check your flat roof biannually and remove any ponding water within 48 hours and after major storms. Clear out
Drains or guttering to reduce dead weight and stop pools of water. Push on the edge of the roof and ensure that no
tiles or Slate move.

Types of Roof  Tile and Slate
Redland Concrete Interlocking tile
Interlocking Slate tiles
Concrete Plain tiles
Clay Plain Tiles
Sandtoft Contrete Tiles
Marley Tiles
Balmoral Slate
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