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Guttering is used to efficiently channel water
from the roof towards a down pipe to ground level.
this stops the walls of the house becoming saturated
and causing damp problems.

UPVC Sofits and Fascias
As Swish approved installers we fit high quality
products to your roof. With lengthy product
guarantees these not only are used for repairs
but can be used to improve the aesthetic

Slate and Tile Roof Repairs and Re-Roofs
Whether it’s a section of the roof needs repairing
Or the the whole roof needs replacing we can
Assist in making this judgement. We can replace
The slates to the correct colour match leaving you
With an authentic and sound roof in place.

Flat Roof Repairs and Re-Roofs
Most flat roofs consist of a timber decking nailed to
the roof joists covered with three layers of roofing felt.
They are often used on house extensions and garages.

Chimney Repairs
Mortar or flashing can deteriorate with age and be in need
Of repair or replacement. Chimney Crowns can crack and
Bricks become loose. This can be very dangerous
Especially in high winds.

Listed Building Roof Work
Care for Listed Buildings is what we do best. Replacing
Tiles, slates and chimneys in an original and authentic

Lead Work Repairs
Replacement and repair of the lead sheeting used as a
Soaker on certain roofs which are vulnerable to penetration
Of water.

Emergency Roof Services
We can come out and give a free estimate for work to
Your roof whatever the situation and complete it in a
Timely fashion.

Planned Roof Services
Consultations and site meeting ahead of your planned
Roofing requirements.