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Over the years MJA Roofing has made a number of customers incredibly happy.

We’re proud to share some of their feedback here.
“Thank you for doing the work on my roof  promptly,
this coming winter will be the first one since I came
to live here, that I will not have to worry about that
area of my roof.”
“The Roof looks great and I would like to thank
you, Paul and John for doing such a great job.”
“I am very pleased with the finished work, the
way it was carried out efficiently and relieved
I no longer have to worry of a leaky roof.”
A note of sincere thanks from my wife and I for the speed and efficiency in the way you
Dealt with our leaking roof.... Seeing the state the felt, tiles and battens were in once you
Started work made us say thank goodness we took your advice. I keep looking at other
 roofs and saying “they need MJA to fix that!”