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Listed building in the UK are officially designated
structures with an architectural, historical or
cultural significance. MJA Roofing specialises in
the repair of these very special buildings.

These old buildings particularly need the care in the modern
day. Not dealing with problem roofs or leaks can cause
further problems later on.
From Chimney’s to selecting the tile that is in keeping
with the original roof, MJA will ensure that the integrity
of your listed property is kept.
MJA Roofing relish the opportunity to get involved
In listed building projects, with their intricate design
and specialist nature it can present a real challenge.

Huntingdon District Council has approved MJA Roofing
as a recommended repairer of listed building which
is further testament to our professionalism when dealing
with this kind of building.
Find out about our HDC Approved Status. Call MJA Now.