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Listed Building Roofing Webpage
What is a listed building?
A listed building is a building that has been designated of historical, architectural or
Cultural importance. There are around half a million in the UK.

Carrying out work to Listed Properties?
The first step is to seek special permission form the local authority to carry out the work. You are unable to demolish,
Alter or extend without this permission. Clearly, these properties are old and do require repair work associated with
Age and wear. Your local authority will recommend approved contractors to carry out this work.

What can go wrong with Listed Property Roofs?
Anything! These properties are old thus their status. You can get deterioration of the slates or tiles, cracking and sliding
Of the tiles or slates. Roof timbers can rot or deteriorate.

Work needs to be carried out by a specialist because of the age of the building. Traditional and complex roofing
Techniques are used which need replicating or replacing and it is vital that the roof is replicated in the original fashion.

Can it be restored using original materials?
Yes, whilst it will look different because materials are renewed, tiles and slates will have the original colouring's. There are
A wide range of roofing suppliers that stock items especially for listed building and historic buildings.

What about chimneys?
These also must not be removed and must be restored as per the original. Even if you no longer use them and they have
Been removed inside. The Chimney is key to character of the building and vitally important. This is a particularly dangerous
Feature both to leave unfixed and to repair again a specialist roofer is required. Find out more about chimney work

You may not want to replace your listed building roof at the cost of the original items, however you can talk to your local
Authority about possible grants.
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