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What is Guttering?
The collecting channels at the lowest point of a roof for collecting the rainwater.
Usually cast iron (on older properties) or plastic - may be Asbestos cement.
Various profiles are available; the two standard traditional ones being Half-round
(with a semi-circular section and supporting brackets fixed to the fascia) and Ogee (a moulded pattern with a flat back,
where it is made from cast iron, lengths are secured to the fascia by fixing screws through the back).

What can go wrong with Guttering?
The host of problems that a gutter system can have stem from gutters that are damaged, sagging, missing parts or
improperly installed, it is unfortunate but likely exterior damage to your home is sure to follow.
Unless you have installed gutter guards, the most common problem associated with this water collection system is
leaves, tree branches, nuts, and gunk clogging up your gutters. Clogs occur most often where the downspout connects
into the gutter. However, they can happen anywhere in a gutter. Once your gutter is clogged, the water runs over its
sides instead of being channeled into the downspouts.

Leaking gutters are another common problem. The leaking can be caused by disconnected joints, holes, or cracks.
If you notice this problem around the outside of your home, you should first conduct an inspection of the entire gutter
system. That way, you can find out how many total joints, holes or cracks need repaired.

This can be caused by corrosion on older metal guttering systems or incorrectly positioned plastic gutters. Metal
Guttering may need to be completely replaced with a modern plastic guttering system. Cement gutters can also corrode
And crack causing leaks.

These are just some of the main problems your gutters can have or will acquire over the years. Take the time and d
o an annual inspection of your gutter system. If you avoid these common mistakes you can help stop any potential
roofing problems caused by poor gutters and installation.

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